Pearl-like mountain ranges, oh, how blissful is the sight!

Remember to look around, because they shine even at night !!

If you like rocky steep mountain climbs, adventures with major thrill and adrenaline rush, beautiful mountainous sceneries, long tiring walks which pay you off with the experience of gigantic mountains and lots of memories, we present you, *drum rolls*, Nepal and of course, wholeheartedly welcome you here. Days of walking and compromises always pay off in Nepal. 

Nepal is a country with lots of mountains, some of which, are unexplored. The country has eight 8000-meter-and-above mountain peaks out of a total of fourteen in the world and all eight are among the ten highest. Because of this, Nepal is heaven for trekking and other mountainous activities. Trekking is a prevalent activity in Nepal. According to Nepal Economic Forum, the royalty revenue from the authorization to climb Everest has totaled approximately NPR 396.8 million only from March to May of 2022.  

With its vast swathes of mountains, the Himalayas has become a trekking hub for adventurers. Trekking through the clouds and misty peaks, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. The fresh smell of the air will fill your lungs as you climb higher and higher in elevation. And with an adrenaline rush like this, you’ll swear that nothing can stop you from reaching your destination!  

The most popular trekking routes of Nepal are located in the foothills of the Himalayas where you will be able to get the most stunning views of the massive wonders of the country. As a Trekkie in Nepal, you can also expect to take part in mountain biking and rock climbing, as well as other activities like rafting down rivers and bungee jumping out of the longest suspension footbridge in the WORLD!!! You can also expect to encounter many wild animals on your journey—some are even considered endangered!